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  "I was glad that you could redeem the drachmas that I have . . . The bank where I've been a customer for over 40 years couldn't help me and I know that they still had value."  
  Frank B.
Kansas City, KS

  The Currency Commission is committed to protecting our clients’ privacy and confidentiality. We adhere to all federal, provincial and state privacy legislation to ensure that all non-public personal information is protected.  
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  With The Currency Commission your old currency is quickly converted to valid funds. Through our safe and secure website you will realize value for banknotes that would otherwise be worthless. Sign up and convert your old banknotes today.  
  About The Currency Commission

The WorldThe Currency Commission's
mandate is to facilitate the conversion of old, expired banknotes into euros, Canadian or US dollars. Upon receipt of old banknotes, The Currency Commission validates the currency to ensure authenticity and will then issue funds to the recipient in the currency of their choice.

Our simple four step process allows for the tracking of your transaction through out the entire conversion process from receipt of your banknotes to the issuing of your funds. At any time you can login to our system and see your current transaction or any previous transactions you may have with The Currency Commission.

Why the euro?
The European Union started out in 1957 with a focus on building a common market place, but over time it evolved and determined that more integration would allow the entire European economy to better prosper. In 1991 the Member States approved the Maastricht Treaty allowing for the creation of the euro.

The idea of a unified currency for Member States has many advantages over individual country currencies:

  • Fluctuation risks and exchange costs eliminated
  • Strength in a single market
  • Closer co-operation among Member States

  • To date over a dozen Member States embraced to euro as their legal tender currency, replacing country specific bank notes. During the change over to the euro, Member State financial institutions accepted old banknotes for conversion to euro at fixed rates, but only for a specific period of time. After the exchange period expired, old Member State banknotes were not longer valid for conversion at financial institutions.

    Even though the redemption period has long since passed for many Member States, the public still holds the equivalent of billions of euros in banknotes. Thanks to The Currency Commission, these banknotes can still be converted to euros or even Canadian or US dollars. There are conditions and not all banknotes are still valid, so please look through the information about your currency.

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