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  "After backpacking through Europe many years ago I was left with some paper money that's been sitting around for ages. I'm glad that I came across your site last week. I'm putting the money towards an adventure with the family. Thanks!"  
  Stacey T.
Los Angeles, CA

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  Valid Currencies

Please be aware that not all bank notes from individual countries are valid until the date shown. Some are earlier. See the individual bank notes from the countries for more details. The Currency Commission accepts notes issued only by the following countries for conversion. Click on any of the countries in green to get more information on acceptable banknotes.

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TCC Accepted Until Currency  
Austria Yes Dec 31, 2099 schilling
Belgium Yes Dec 31, 2099 franc
Bulgaria No n/a lev
Costa Rica Yes Dec 31, 2099 colon
Cyprus Yes Dec 31, 2017 pound
Czech Republic Yes Dec 31, 2099 koruna
Denmark No n/a krone
Dominican Republic Yes Dec 31, 2099 peso
Estonia Yes Dec 31, 2099 kroon
Fiji Yes Dec 31, 2099 dollar
Finland Yes Feb 29, 2012 markka
France No Feb 17, 2012 franc
Germany Yes Dec 31, 2099 mark
Greece Yes Mar 01, 2012 drachma
Hungary No n/a forint
Indonesia Yes Sep 24, 2028 rupiah
Ireland Yes Dec 31, 2099 pound
Italy No Feb 29, 2012 lira
Japan Yes Dec 31, 2099 yen
Jordan Yes Dec 31, 2099 dinar
Latvia No n/a lats
Lithuania No n/a litas
Luxembourg Yes Dec 31, 2099 franc
Malta Yes Jan 31, 2018 lira
Mexico Yes Dec 31, 2099 peso
Netherlands Yes Jan 31, 2032 guilder
Poland No n/a zloty
Portugal Yes Feb 28, 2022 escudo
Romania Yes Dec 31, 2099 leu
Scotland Yes Feb 29, 2012 pound
Slovakia Yes Dec 31, 2099 koruna
Slovenia Yes Dec 31, 2099 tolar
Spain Yes Dec 31, 2099 peseta
Sweden Yes Dec 31, 2099 krona
Switzerland Yes Jan 05, 2020 franc
Taiwan Yes Dec 31, 2099 dollar
United Kingdom No n/a sterling
Venezuela Yes Dec 31, 2099 nuevo bolivar

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